Audora – Going on Vacation!

I’ll keep this short as a site update:

1 – The 80’s/90’s Performance Pack has been updated. Some folks mentioned some minor issues with some sound assignments. This has since been corrected, and those responsible have been sacked.

2 – The free Jordan Rudess Oasys Lead sound apparently was missing the combi but then contained a bunch of random unnecessary sounds. The combi was necessary for it to sound correct since it had all the effects and gave the sound its juice. This too has been updated and corrected, and those responsible have also been sacked.

3 – Audora (Dave specifically) will be on vacation from August 10 or 11 until Aug 19. He’s getting married!! and as such won’t be available to answer emails and questions until he returns. Upon return, expect him to be sacked.

4 – There are new sounds coming albeit slowly due to the wedding planning. Those responsible for the wedding, marriage, and email answering delays have also been sacked.

5 – A Møøse once bit my sister.

6 – Last but not least, expect to see a new performance pack for The Cars on its way soon! Many people have been asking for this one, it’s going to include 10 songs worth of The Cars, basically the top 10 list of songs including songs such as Moving In Stereo, Just What I Needed, Bye Bye Love and more!

7 – Okay, not last: A few new sounds including the synth sound for Joe Walsh’s Life’s Been Good. As a side note, those responsible for making this list were also sacked for allowing #5 to occur. A solid 5/7 otherwise.
There will be site updates before Dave’s vacation starts, so check back for new and cool sounds for your listening and playing pleasure!

8 thoughts on “Audora – Going on Vacation!

    • David Champagne says:

      Hi Vito, and thanks for your comment!

      To get your updates, go to your account in the to right and in the auto-drop-down menu, click downloads. That will show you downloads you’ve already paid for, but I’ve updated the file so you have access to the updated version.

      I hope this helps!

  1. James says:

    This list had me ROTF LMAO! And, then I was sacked, too!
    Congrats on the wedding!
    Thanks for the amazing sounds!

  2. Randall says:

    Enjoy your vacation and congrats on your upcoming wedding! We will have plenty for you to work on when you get back. I’m working on a complete set-list of songs for you to work on for me, alone. So, yeah, you will be busy, Dave. Enjoy that honeymoon! hehehe

  3. Jonny Victor says:

    Sir. Terribly sorry about your sister but I did ‘LOL’ when I read that, font’d perfectly as if it were ripp’d from the credits from Holy Grail. Bravo. Also… would love to discuss keyboarding more. I’ve been a longtime Roland devotee. I don’t wanna buy a Kronos. Do I have to? Also, if you have April Wine contacts, we may have some in common. Drop me a note if you get this.

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