Back at it again, with services updates

Well, I’m back at it again but there’ve been a few updates so I’ll make them brief. It’s one of those good news/bad news situations, so let’s tear off this band-aid.

The Good: 
Dave is Married now! Yes – on August 12th, we tied the knot, and is now a husband dude. Neato stuff.
Dave found full time work outside of Audora – he’s working on a career again!
Audora will continue exactly as before – sounds and training services will absolutely continue so don’t worry – we’re not going anywhere.
Support will be the exact same, we’re still going to do our best to answer emails and posts/questions as often and frequently as we have been.
We’ll still be putting up tutorial videos on YouTube as well, and there’s been talks of even doing some live-streaming interactive free classroom-style lessons. More to come on that one.

The Bad:
Because running Audora is a full-time kind of job, having a second full-time job leaves little time that some services had to stop being offered. In this case: Custom sound creation. It’s unfortunately the most time consuming aspect of the site, and while I would *LOVE* to keep making custom sounds there simply won’t be enough time to run the site and make sounds as well as give lessons and then create customized sounds on top of it. To make custom sounds and still make it worthwhile, I would have to charge a ludicrous amount of money and I’m simply not prepared to do that.

Updates will be a little less frequent. I’m still going to be doing my best to put out the highest-quality/accuracy sounds (Paid and Free of course!) and will continue to release sound packs, song packs, and other various sounds but it might not be as frequently as it has been in the past. Though it might still be as well – once I start the new job, I’ll have to sort out that work/life balance and see what that looks like.

So that’s it – There’s good and bad, but please let me know if you have any questions – I’m happy to answer what I can!



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