Broken Wings… broken?

I’ve just been alerted that for some users, the Broken Wings combi isn’t playing the drum sound properly. I wanted to provide a fix to this ASAP, since I realize that not everyone is going to have the same UU-BB bank.
When I built the sounds I used on track 10 a drum sound called “Rek Perc. Kit 1 C2->” but that’s in my UU-BB Bank on both my Kronos 1 and Kronos 2. Absentmindedly forgetting that this may **NOT** be the case for other users.

At any rate, I wanted to include the sound I used here

This is saved by default into the User-GG bank, but you can put it anywhere HD-1 programs can be stored. Then in the Broken Wings combi, simply tell channel 10 to point to THIS sound you’ve just loaded and save the combi.

Alternatively, it’s very possible that you might have the “Rek Perc. Kit 1 C2->” already in your Kronos and if you do a search, you can point the timbre on track 10 to this location instead.

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