Here are some frequently asked questions you may have about the products and/or their usage, and services provided by Audora.


Do you do custom training/audio creation?

Yes! We specialize in everything custom! If you have a custom request, whether it be related to customized training, a custom sound or a sound recreation, don’t hesitate to reach out!

How do I load my new sound pack?

Great question. This will vary entirely on a bunch of factors such as the synth you’re using, the OS version you’re on, the free banks you have available as well as other factors. In most cases, we try and put things in unused locations however the best bet is to back up what you have first, and try loading our sounds directly.

Refer to your manufacturer manual on how to load sounds/samples/patterns/KGE’s generally.

My sounds aren't working/sound like they should!

With Korg (Kronos in particular) there is a Program/Combi dependency model, meaning Combi’s don’t point to sounds, they point to program locations. If you load a sound in the wrong location, the combi points to the wrong spot for the sound which unfortunately breaks the sound. Depending on how things are laid out in your Kronos, this might require some assistance, however our YouTube Channel¬†hopefully will have the answer you’re looking for.

Will you do a video/tutorial on X?

We’re always in the process of putting out new videos, tutorials, sounds and even sometimes record the process of making a new sound that is available for purchase so feel free to make a suggestion – we may not get to your request right away but can guarantee that it will definitely be considered!

Will these sounds work on the Kronos (1/2/X?)


The reason these things come up is because of sound dependencies. The Kronos 1 stores some sounds in a different place than the Kronos 2. We try to avoid the use of factory sounds, so all of the sounds made are going to be stored in their own location. Because of this, they’ll all work on any version of the Kronos.

If your questions are not answered here, please fill out the form below with your questions and/or concernsand we will be in touch for help.