Lost? Not actually lost!

We prefer to keep things short – Time is invaluable and there aren’t many people that dislike spam more than us.

So here are some long-awaited updates!

1 – Audora isn’t dead. We’ve been stagnant, real life seems to get in the way of doing all the fun things like making sounds. That said, we haven’t stopped and are making efforts to put up new content.

2 – The Millennium Performance Pack is in the works. Not near completion but has started and some headway has been made.

3 – We’re offering the entire 80’s/90’s sound pack in raw WAV/SF2 format. Due to the nature of the conversion process, not everything was able to be captured exactly like the Kronos, so for that reason we’re offering it at a discount. It will allow folks with non-Kronos boards to take a look however!

That’s basically it for now. We’re committing to getting more done and having new sounds come out, and with a little more patience we hope to be releasing some fun new stuff sooner than later!

Thanks all for sticking by, hope to hear from you all!

14 thoughts on “Lost? Not actually lost!

    • David Champagne says:

      Sort of. I haven’t posted it yet since it’s 30+ GB, I’m trying to find a host that’ll support it. It’s the only one so far, but that’s not to say that there won’t possibly be more in the future as well.

  1. Jeff Hoffman says:

    Love your stuff!! Anytime line on Millennium Pack?
    Also I need help downloading uptown funk patch is there a video to help download patches??
    Thank you

  2. Troy says:

    Hey Dave –
    Using your sound pack for – everybody rule the world.

    I noticed you made the intro “toot whistle” in A#.
    And I assume the makes the intro keyboard bell lick also in D#?

    But when the band comes in- it sounds like it is D MAJOR … and that is how I play it.

    Is that right?

    2nd verse – intro bell keyboard comes again – but still in D#, while the band still plays in D?

    And if the above is true:
    That means the song ending during guitar break the toot whistle is in A# again –

    I hope my intuition is correct.
    Unless the 1980’s recording on multi track tape is going in and out of tune???

    But I hear a lot of covers on YouTube – they are playing the whole song and KEYBOARD INTROS IN D MAJOR.

  3. Dirk Kissler says:

    Hello Dave. I am eagerly awaiting the completion of the “Millenium Performance Pack” sound set. Can you already estimate, until when you have finished this and it is then available in your webshop?

    Greetings from Germany

  4. John says:

    Glad to see you’re still at it in the long run David. Thanks for the honesty and for reaching out. Looking forward to the future.

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