So close, I can taste the music!

So Audora is taking a little longer to launch than I originally thought –  it’s actually pretty natural though considering the amount of work it takes, crossing eyes and dotting tees. You know, usual tech lingo.

At any rate, each day I get to add a little more content so there’s actually something here for everyone to download, see and experience.The 80’s / 90’s sound pack is complete, tweaked and ready to go. There’s a bunch of individual songs available for purchase and a bunch of free sounds available as well. There’s also sounds that are coming soon which I’ve started to work on as well.

Colin Brunt has been doing some awesome work with not only the overall design of the site (Both PC and mobile) but also been doing a lot of the icon design and overall brand appearance. He’s been incredible to work with and he can’t be promoted enough. Fast, professional, courteous and has great insight beyond just the surface design but rather everything from his experience in PR to branding to design… He’s been an invaluable asset.

I’m very excited to say that we’re not far from having this thing up and running soon and while there’s a smaller/limited number of items available right now, it’s only going to keep growing as requests come in. As demand for particular sounds/packs/themes come up, I’ll be investing more time and energy into those and making sure they’re available as soon as possible. This also includes brand new songs, classic synth sounds and a lot more so stay tuned!

If you have particular requests, don’t hesitate to reach out – I may not be able to address it right away depending on the request, but we always make an effort to get back to you as soon as possible.

You can make those requests here

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