Updates/New Sounds are coming!


Things have been going superbly so far, your feedback has been amazing and there’s LOTS of work to be done. I’ve been playing catch up and have… well finally caught up. What this means is that I’m able to start putting out more content again for everyone. The latest that just went up today is the Misplaced Childhood Performance Pack by Marillion, which you can find here.

At any rate, I’m moving through content and more songs, sounds and freebies are on their way very soon! I’m going to be dedicating some time to get some of the more-frequently-asked-for type sounds. I’ve had a lot of repeat requests for certain specific sounds so I’m going to be working through those and putting them up. Some other sounds that I’ve got tucked away in my repository will be coming out as well and some of them will be free so expect to see those updates soon as well.

I’m also in the process of getting everything together for Millennium Performance Pack including the various song suggestions, top 100 lists from the last 17 years, and breaking things down by what’s most often performed live and what kinds of sounds are varied between artists so there aren’t many repeats in the styles and types of sounds made. There’s no timeline on that one yet, but the work has begun already!

So keep an eye out, the updates are on their way and will be updating periodically throughout the coming week or so!

5 thoughts on “Updates/New Sounds are coming!

  1. Doug Aris says:

    Hi there — I am looking to have a few songs/sounds created and wondering cost for same:

    Bizarre Love Triangle – New Order
    Abacab – Genesis

    Love my kronos, just my day job keeps me too busy to create my own so appreciate this service you provide!

  2. Raymond Cameron says:

    Just purchased your latest song packs dave, they sound awesome!! look forward to see what else is coming, thanks again Ray Cameron

  3. Rick says:

    Hey Dave, Congrats on the wedding. I think you gotta add Final Countdown to your 80’s/90’s pack… Arguably in the top 5 eighties synth patches.

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