What’s in a name?

This 2017 upstart company Audora Audio provides in-person and online professional training relating to an extensive variety of keyboards and synthesizers on numerous levels and parameters. Through Audora Audio, one can learn a multitude of keyboard related disciplines such as sampling/sample manipulation techniques, sound programming, synthesizer functionality and much more. Audora Audio YouTube training and information videos have eclipsed the quarter of a million view mark and the number of views is rising exponentially as the company’s YouTube video library grows

Founder of Audora Audio and Audora.ca, Canadian keyboard/synthesizer, sound creator/programmer Dave Champagne is globally recognized by his peers as one of the brightest in his specialized field. He is a university trained and lifelong musician whose multi-instrumental capabilities contribute to his super-creative sound programming skills. With more than 20 years of experience in programming sounds, Dave has established himself as an exceptional aural contributor. He also submitted a plethora of unique sounds on Korg forums and produced sounds for numerous private clients.

“Accurate sound reproduction is like picking a lock: you’re trying to mimic what the key did; you tweak and adjust until everything is in the right place and suddenly, it just works. That’s when you know you got it right.”

Recognized by Canadian songwriter Myles Goodwyn, founder of the iconic group April Wine, Dave was hired by the classic rock legend to perform nationally in marquee venues. Despite his impressive accomplishments, Dave remains humble and focused on his long term goals; he aspires to expand Audora Audio, continue to create custom sounds and sound libraries for global synthesizer users and program customized sounds for established and upcoming musicians worldwide.

“I find making sounds meditative since I can’t think of anything else during the process; it requires 100% of my attention. Once I’m behind my Kronos, that very moment is all about the sound.”

Dave is also a devoted musician currently playing in several bands. Dave’s goal is to become the sound market leading provider for sound reproduction, sound creation and teaching his skills to others.

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Dave Champagne
Sound Designer | Audora Founder