Audora Audio is now on Social Media! (Plus updates)

Launching a site is no small task, I have to admit. Launching an entire brand? I had absolutely no idea the kinds of things you need to consider, think about and actually do.

That said, let’s get into what’s been going on with Audora as of late:


1 РWe have a facebook page now! You can find it at:

2 – We’re on Instagram! Lots of neat insight into the lastest sound packs, song packs, bundles and more. Find us here: @audoraaudio

3 – The 80’s 90’s sound pack is coming along and officially as of Friday (March 10th) there are more songs complete than there are left to go. Things are moving slowly, but they are indeed moving!

4 – I’ve started testing the sounds live! This gives me the ability to tweak the sounds to use them in a meangingful way, and ideally is just “plug and play” without too much hassle.

At any rate, things are moving ahead in a variety of directions but they’re all exciting and look forward to sharing that all with everyone!

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