Lost but not forgotten… We’re hiring!

Things… Have been busy.

I’ve been very long overdue for an update, but those who have been in contact with me know that I’m not stopping Audora. In fact, the problem is that I don’t have enough of my own time available for Audora due to work… so I’d like to start expanding Audora.

I know you’re probably thinking: “Wait, what? If you don’t have time, you want to… make Audora busier?”

I want to ensure I’m offering the highest quality of products with the highest accuracy, and while progress is slow currently there *IS* progress being made. I’ve also had dreams of offering sounds for other synths besides the Kronos. I’ve even been looking into offering certain sounds as direct wave samples for users who would want to load these sounds as samples into another instrument that is capable.

So with that being said, there are a few things I wanted to mention.

  1. We’re hiring! If you’re looking for a part-time opportunity, are interested in learning and have synthesis programming skills, send your resume to me at audoraaudio@gmail.com
  2. I’ve already added a new member to the team, and I’ll fill in more details below.
  3. Audora will be starting to add sounds again in the near future. I realize things have been stagnant for the last little while, and I promise there is more coming.

Without further ado, I’d like to officially announce our newest member to the team:

Alberto Trullu

About Alberto:

Alberto is a talented keyboard player with about 20 years of experience in the kurzweil programming field. He started studying and playing piano at 7 years old.
In addition to distinguishing himself as a musician in several progressive rock bands, he is currently engaged in programming with Kurzweil and Korg brands, marketed globally.
He is also a Kurzweil beta tester and soundware developer in official Kurzweil community. 

What does this mean for Audora?

It means that we are going to start offering sounds on more brands of keyboards. Alberto has experience in programming a variety of synthesizers including the Korg Kronos, but his primary role will be a sound developer on the Kurzweil series of boards, specifically the Kurzweil Forte with a focus on sound accuracy and usability. I personally will be working with our sound teams to make sure that anything and everything we release is the highest quality so rest assured, things are only going to get better.

So everyone, please welcome Alberto to the Audora team!

7 thoughts on “Lost but not forgotten… We’re hiring!

  1. Jeff Hoffman says:

    Hey brother
    So glad you’re still around. Jazzed about your new hire as well. Still looking for some help on “boutique” sounds for the Kronos mainly. 70’s and 80’s (think eminence front 😊)
    I’ll keep checking in

  2. Randall says:

    Dave, we’ve all waited patiently while your life began its next chapter. We are all excited that you are able to still do what you love and that, we love you doing. Amazing news that you are even expanding! With all of that said, I want to say thank you!!!
    Alberto. Welcome aboard and congratulations. We certainly look forward to your future contributions.

    • Alberto says:

      THANKS 🙂 I’m really happy to be here 🙂 I’m working for a lot of sounds (kurzweil brand). Soon there are good pack out 🙂

  3. Alberto Trullu says:

    THANKS 🙂 I’m really happy to be here 🙂 I’m working for a lot of sounds (kurzweil brand). Soon there are good pack out 🙂

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