Synth conversions: Your synth into the Kronos!

Are you tired of carrying around 15 keyboards to gigs? Do you have an existing synthesizer that you want some of the sounds in the Kronos?

We can help!

Audora is proud to offer a new service of synthesis conversions – we’ll take your existing synth and convert individual patches, sounds and samples and make them work on your Korg Kronos!
Because this is a manual process, the results for each is going to vary depending on the information and resources available, however pre-existing Korg synths have a very good chance of being ported from your existing synth with a high degree of accuracy. Kurzweil synths will also be quite close, and the more information we gather on the source synth, the closer it’ll be on your Kronos.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions via our contact form here:
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6 thoughts on “Synth conversions: Your synth into the Kronos!

    • David Champagne says:

      Hi, thanks for the message.

      Currently no – the 80’s/90’s sound pack depends on engines that don’t exist in the Korg Krome. I also don’t own a Krome, so I’m unable to build the sound packs for that synth. Sorry!

  1. Phil Ball says:

    Hi Dave, do you have Uptown Funk Kronos sounds without vocals or music – just keyboard sounds (to play on my Kronos in the band) would love some help with this as I only just bought it and am learning as I go. Cheers Phil

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