Whoa. You do exist still. Or do you?

Many of you have been asking "WEN MILLENNIUM PACK?" and I PROMISE I am working on it, and it WILL get released.

The pandemic has affected everyone, and everyone differently. I've been busier than ever in my personal life which leaves me less time to work on the things I love to do... Which is programming sounds and updating the website. 

Recently this site went down, so I jumped on to update it and... Well I sort of took it as an omen to step back for a bit. Family stuff is going on and without getting into nitty-gritty details, I need to re-balance life a bit. 

That being said, I've been working for literally years on the Millennium pack. I have some very... VERY kick-ass samples and programming I'm incredibly proud of. I'm going against my own word and instead of just using primary-built-in programming, this time I'll be including some samples into my pack to make things sound good. Really good. Maybe I'll throw a teaser in soon so you can hear for yourself. 

I will be adding more sounds, but I'm looking at ways to streamline the process. I'm realizing I'm spending more time publishing sounds and making pictures/media than actually building some of the sounds, so expect some potential changes. It's all about the sound right? I will likely re-do some of the media aspect of things so simplify the workflow. 

As I get older, I realize the path of least resistance means something significant. I want to do two things: 

1) Make more sounds
2) Spend less time getting the sounds on the website

So, with that all being said: 
Thanks for your patience. Thanks for sticking around and asking for updates. Thanks for STILL asking me questions, asking for lessons, looking for information or help, and thanks for just being awesome. 

There will be updates coming when I can make more time, and there will be more sounds coming in. Lots of individual songs and less packs, but there will still be packs coming too. 

Oh, and I want to offer more free sounds too. Sometimes I have ideas about sounds and just want to throw something together. Someone out there might find it useful, so I'd like to be able to do that - something else to look forward to. 

Another unrelated note: 
I'm a die-hard Kurzweil guy believe it or not. These sounds are all on the Korg Kronos, (And in some cases, they're backwards-compatible with the Korg Nautilus with some conversion) but I grew up and learned everything I know on the Kurzweil 2500. Deep down, Kurzweil has been close to my heart and everything I know, I owe to that synth. 

So with that, when the Kurzweil 2700 starts being available, I'm going to start looking at potentially offering sounds for that too. Most of the sounds will still be on the Kronos, and I'll try and do them in a way that they're backwards-compatible with the Nautilus as well. That being said, I might start offering some sounds for the Kurzweil too and see how that goes. 

The final update for now: 
My lessons, for the time being, are no longer offered. This is temporary, and for those of you who I speak with on occasion, I will still honor any lessons we have outstanding. This is me stepping back a little bit with the family stuff, and refocusing. 

I will resume lessons again, and I have no plans of shutting down Audora unless someone wants to offer me a cool few mil for my brand? No? No takers? 

Fine. Be that way. I guess until I'm a multi-millionaire, I'm going to take a step away for a little bit and revisit everything. When I come back, it'll be because I have a rejuvenated sense of creativity, and because I'll want to make the site a little easier to manage for just one person. 

To everyone: 
Please be safe out there, and I look forward to the next time I'm able to provide some new updates, hopefully with some new sounds to go with it. 

- D. 

3 thoughts on “Whoa. You do exist still. Or do you?

  1. Randall says:

    So glad to hear that, you still have the heart & passion for your sounds.
    Handle what you must.
    We’ll be ready when you are, Dave.

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