Audora – Going on Vacation!

I’ll keep this short as a site update: 1 – The 80’s/90’s Performance Pack has been updated. Some folks mentioned some minor issues with some sound assignments. This has since been corrected, and those responsible have been sacked. 2 – The free Jordan Rudess Oasys Lead sound apparently was missing the combi but then contained […]

Synth conversions: Your synth into the Kronos!

Are you tired of carrying around 15 keyboards to gigs? Do you have an existing synthesizer that you want some of the sounds in the Kronos? We can help! Audora is proud to offer a new service of synthesis conversions – we’ll take your existing synth and convert individual patches, sounds and samples and make […]

Updates/New Sounds are coming!

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!!! Things have been going superbly so far, your feedback has been amazing and there’s LOTS of work to be done. I’ve been playing catch up and have… well finally caught up. What this means is that I’m able to start putting out more content again for everyone. The latest that just went […]

Millennium sound pack: Make song suggestions here!

  Now that things have started to get into it’s own stride, I wanted to start asking some site visitors for some guidance for the kinds of things that they would like to see in the up-and-coming Millennium¬†performance pack! The sound pack is going to be in similar fashion as the 80’s/90’s performance¬†pack, where there […]